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The Empty Chair    "thanks to my clients"

  "Aaaaaah! The empty chair. " Someone will occupy it, but only after art and science combine to select the candidate with the "it" factor.  If a search consultant is engaged to find that person, he or she must also have the "it" factor. Which executive search consultant truly listens and "hears" the client, understand the nuances and sees beyond what is said? They all have the same story - access to research, candidates, prior experience in an industry or function, good presence, well-rehearsed answers and questions.  Clients are bombarded with telephone calls, invitations to lunches, and any manner of ways to create a relationship.

  "Discernment in all stages."  Clients are wise, informed consumers who understand recruiting better than ever.  They know quality and they want and deserve good service at a reasonable cost. The days of doing business on the golf course are over.  Discerning between the search consultant, who combines the "art of knowing" the right candidate, after deploying the "science of research and technology," and the one who is "just a recruiter" is a key factor in choosing who will bring the best results.

  Janet Jones-Parker has been bringing solutions to clients for almost 40 years and they still seek her  counsel on a 24/7 basis across the United States and Europe. No one is turned away. 

  "It's not about the money - it's about the people. Sharing information and my modest experience, while also learning from others, is part of the Janet Jones-Parker & Associates enterprise - 'paying it forward' is part of my personal DNA, along with gratitude for my many clients who have enabled me to raise a family while serving them."

Janet Jones-Parker, JonesPark1@aol.com, 919-696-4485 (mobile)

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