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Welcome to my site, you will find it is not the norm and that is because we are more than the "norm" when it comes to what we do. 

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Inspire a successful talent acquisition process:

-Provide impeccable  service

-Ensure and influence best outcomes

-Assume only assignments for which we qualify

-Execute mandates with a sense of urgency

-Commit all internal necessary resources

-Build comprehensive research paradigms

-Communicate progress frequently and often

-Treat all candidates with utmost respect

Elmo Jones once said:

"Sweetie, life is really very simple.  We

are the ones who make it complicated."

It is this wisdom that we apply to our work, deploying a methodology we execute with  grace and aplomb. 



What we do is identify leadership for organizations and thereby protect equity investment in talent.

How we do it is found in the AHA moment for which Janet Jones=Parker is known.

Art and science must coincide to  discern who is  the  right person at this exact moment in time.

It is the AHA moment, when alignment of talent and need, come together. The  science of research meets  the art of discernment to provide the best outcome.

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Available to clients and candidates 24/7

  ""A company's most  important asset is its human capital representing its most valuable equity investment. It is the job of an executive search consultant to ensure a legacy of the right talent for this moment in time and the future."

  Mission  Driven / Aha! Moments  / Artful Solutions                                      

The Recruiters' Recruiter

For decades Janet Jones-Parker and her partners have been deeply engaged in bringing solutions and best practices to the development of leadership teams.

As president of the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC),  founder of two retained  search  consulting firms, and  subsequently the professional development center, Caanan Ridge, Janet enjoys an extraordinary reputation for honesty, straightforward, insightful and  intelligent counsel.

There is no greater reward than to make a difference. We change the lives of our candidates the organizations they join.