There is no greater reward than to make a difference. We change the lives of our candidates and the organizations they join.

Janet Jones-Parker & Associates

Welcome to our site. You find it is not the norm. We are more than the norm when it comes to what we do and how we do it.

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Process - Straightforward

                     (Everyone says the same thing, don't they? What makes us different is the "AHA Moment"        combined with comprehensive data driven research and identification.)

Understand- You tell us about your priorities, market  strategy, revenue goals, organizational structure, compensation scheme, culture, service offerings and the challenges unique to your culture and the position.  When appropriate, we bring alternative strategies.

Position- We identify success factors associated with the role, and the characteristics, competencies, and requisite experience of the ideal candidate.  An outline is submitted for your approval prior to our start.

Identify / Attract- A search strategy describes our approach to the market.  Speaking with industry contacts ensures the identification of individuals who match your requirements. We have the ability and reputation to encourage the right prospects to consider your opportunity.

Candidate / Recruiter Interviews- We interview the most qualified potential candidates to obtain a thorough understanding of each person's alignment with the needs of the position.

Client Meetings - High potential candidates are presented and we facilitate discussions regarding additive value - the degree an individual is accretive to the overall organizational strategy, how to attract the person you want, and then integrate and support him / her for success. (We dislike the word "onboarding" - who made up that one anyway?)

References / Prior to Offer- Confidential references are conducted with at least five / six individuals who know the candidate.  Focusing on superiors, subordinates and peers should provide a good indication of whether or not the candidate should be hired and how to manage him / her for success.

Search Finale / Post Completion- We assist in negotiations over compensation and other terms to bring about a successful hire with all parties believing in each other and we follow up regularly with clients and placements.

All of the above happens because of the AHA MOMENT - our unique understanding of you and your future candidate